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The City of Rocky Mount collects approximately 26,000 cubic yards of loose leaves every year. If these leaves were to be placed on a football field (endzones included), the leaves would be approximately 4 feet deep.


The City of Rocky Mount has entered into the third phase of the Bi-Weekly Recycling Program. As of February 2014, the Environmental Services Division has converted approximately 6,300 residential customers to bi-weekly collection through the use of rollout carts. The carts used for recyclables have blue colored lids with specific information about the items which are accepted by our current materials recovery facility. In addition to the information stamped on the lid, a brochure with more information and a detailed collection schedule was developed and delivered with each cart prior to initiating service. Eventually, all residential customers will be converted to bi-weekly collection. For more information regarding this program, please see below.


Free compost is available to the public on specific days and times at the City's compost site at 1244 Arrow Road. Click the scrolling calendar above OR click here to view the web calendar to identify times when the compost site is open to the public, or review the following schedule:
  • Every Friday from April through October: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • The first Saturday of each month from April through October: 7:30 am-3:00 pm (except holiday weekends, then moved to 2nd Sat.)

For more information, call 467-4906.


The Public Works Department is responsible for providing quality public services in a timely, professional, efficient, and responsive manner with regards to the repair and maintenance of the city streets and drainage infrastructure, the city fleet of motor vehicles and equipment, collection and disposal of municipal solid waste, and enforcement of the public health, safety, and nuisance ordinances and minimum housing code. These services are to be provided in such a way that they promote a high quality of life for city residents and contribute to the safe movement of people and goods while protecting the environment, public health, and safety.